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Mission-Driven Media for people and companies who seek a lasting impression and a broader impact on culture, and in people’s lives. We create a form for the services, products, and initiatives shaping our world. You could call it translational science, but it’s just content that tells a story. Our clients are changing the world every day, in small ways, and large. We explain how they take risks, connect the dots and make the world a better place.

WideLens is just two people. We shoot, edit, post-score, write copy, answer the phone, reply to email. No hive mind. No running it up the flagpole. We offer a personal experience that is super efficient. We think it makes a difference.

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Amy K. Gibson has a Ph.D in Sociology, and public policy. Prior to earning graduate degrees she studied photography. She has worked at numerous non-profits and served on the Board of Directors for a host of organizations dedicated to social change. She’s a devoted runner, swimmer, and triathlete.

Bob Deck has been at this for more years than it may be wise to admit. He’s also a respected musician - you’ll hear him and his influence on every soundtrack in our work. He has eclectic taste and finds it really hard to write about himself.