Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) is a national organization headquartered in Washington, DC that works with utilities, municipalities, and private companies to promote smart electric practices. Much of their work involves sharing information about innovative systems and best practices within the industry.  

Each year, they recognize the accomplishments of industry partners with the annual Power Player Awards. SEPA asked us to produce profile videos for the winners in 2017 and 2018. Each highlights the outstanding work of companies and municipalities across the country.

SEPA also asked us to produce videos for several case studies (Fremont, NB and Minster, OH), the Utility Conference, Fused and the high-profile conference Solar Power International. Check out the piece on Salvador Gómez-Colón in the collection at left.

We sourced or created most of the video elements for each project. In some cases, SEPA provided raw video footage and we developed a narrative. In every case, we handled 100% of the editing and created the soundtracks that accompany the videos.