LAET (Legal Aid of East Tennessee) For over 52 years, in 26 counties across East Tennessee, LAET has been providing civil legal representation to people who would otherwise have no one to help them secure their basic legal rights. The nonprofit serves approximately 8,000 individuals each year. They engage in Community Economic Development work with individuals and grass roots community organizations, and provide special programs for seniors and victims of domestic violence. They also fund and staff Pro Bono Projects that recruit and utilize volunteer attorneys to expand existing services. However, despite having been in continuous operation for many years, public awareness of the nonprofit was low. 

LAET asked us to help increase the visibility and awareness of this amazing organization. We responded by developing a social media campaign: “Know us. Know our work.” that focussed on individuals - staff, attorneys and clients, whose interactions led to positive outcomes. We also created a micro-site to promote special events, share materials and receive donations.

It has been an honor to work with these ‘superheros.’